Imagination Of The Heart

One of the great things about living to age 63 is experiencing the extreme joy of having grandchildren. For some reason, my grandchildren are way more fun than my two boys were! Being around them immediately took me back to my own memories those years and inspired this song. The things we believed in when we were young can remain in our hearts for a lifetime and help to guide us and stay with us till we die. It’s so much fun to pass it on to the little ones!!!


About johnbatdorf

“John Batdorf has a voice like the one we all wanted to hear as children-- confident enough to get our attention and loving enough that is does not raise up our walls. Soundtrax 2 Recovery is a audio reminder that you are not alone. It is supportive without being demanding. The album witnesses without judging your life; you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink. John Batdorf and Michael McLean don’t force sobriety down your throat, but they do let you know just how damn good recovery tastes.” - Alternate Root
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