The New Solo CD From John Batdorf, Beep Beep”.

Never in my wildest dreams as a young recording artist in the ’70s, could I have ever imagined myself at age 63 still writing, recording and still making records. That’s where the path has taken me and I am so glad that I followed it. There is so much joy in creating music with just a guitar and an idea and after the re-writes and ultimate recording of the song, much like a birth of a child, finally gets it’s wings about nine months later and is shared with anyone who wants to let it in! Thank you all for following me on this wonderful musical journey and I will continue down this musical path as long as I still feel that euphoric fire burning in my heart. Thank you all for supporting me for a lifetime!

John Batdorf


About johnbatdorf

“John Batdorf has a voice like the one we all wanted to hear as children-- confident enough to get our attention and loving enough that is does not raise up our walls. Soundtrax 2 Recovery is a audio reminder that you are not alone. It is supportive without being demanding. The album witnesses without judging your life; you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink. John Batdorf and Michael McLean don’t force sobriety down your throat, but they do let you know just how damn good recovery tastes.” - Alternate Root
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