Some may ask, what is it about the qualities of John Batdorf that set him apart from other excellent singer-songwriters…
It’s his vulnerability: his complete opening the door to his heart. John invites the listener into his soul and shares a couple hours, open and trusting as he sings of love and hope: transforming despair to hope, hate to love and fear/ignorance to tolerance/acceptance. We share his understanding, forgiveness and are filled with compassion when the song is done. When you hear John sing live for the first time, you’ll understand why his music has meant so much to his fans that have now spanned nearly four decades!


  • Batdorf and Rodney “Off The Shelf” 1971
  • Batdorf and Rodney “Batdorf and Rodney” 1972
  • Batdorf and Rodney “Life Is You” 1975
  • Silver “Silver” 1976
  • Batdorf and McLean “Look Inside” 1992
  • Batdorf and McLean “Don’t You Know” 1997
  • Batdorf and Stanley “All Wood and Stones” 2005
  • John Batdorf “Side One” EP 2005
  • John Batdorf “Home Again” 2007
  • John Batdorf and Mark Rodney “Still Burnin'” 2008
  • John Batdorf “Old Man Dreamin'” 11 June 2009
  • John Batdorf “One Last Wish” October 4, 2011
  • Batdorf and Stanley “All Wood and Stones II” 2013
  • Batdorf and McLean “Soundtrax 2 Recovery”



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