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“John Batdorf has a voice like the one we all wanted to hear as children-- confident enough to get our attention and loving enough that is does not raise up our walls. Soundtrax 2 Recovery is a audio reminder that you are not alone. It is supportive without being demanding. The album witnesses without judging your life; you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink. John Batdorf and Michael McLean don’t force sobriety down your throat, but they do let you know just how damn good recovery tastes.” - Alternate Root

EVERYBODY’S RECOVERING FROM SOMETHING_Soundtrax 2 Recovery_The CD From John Batdorf and Michael McLean

It’s just the truth. When we were younger we thought recovery was something “those people” needed to do… certainly not us. In fact, more often than not, a part of us took a certain amount of pride in the fact … Continue reading

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New All Wood And Stones Sound Cloud Page James Lee Stanley and myself have just finished our second All Wood And Stones CD. Credits For All Wood and Stones II   Produced and Arranged :John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley … Continue reading

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For many recovering addicts it’s in rehab they discover there are often musical triggers to their abuse, (the songs associated with using) and then they have to learn how to avoid those triggers that are essentially the soundtrack to their addiction. We’re hoping through Indiegogo we can raise the money we need to produce an album and also get started developing a website to help recovering addicts begin their own Soundtrax 2 Recovery: A collection of songs to help heal and bring hope to the recovering addict.
Last year, some addiction recovery sponsors found out that John Batdorf and I were working on a project with the working title of 12 songs for 12 steps and asked if we’d do a concert for several recovering addicts. Turns out it was about 700 addicts and their families who attended. The concert gave John and I a chance to see if our songs made a difference with the audience. We were overwhelmed with the feedback we got that evening. The show received a tremendous response, people waiting in line for nearly an hour to thank us, and after receiving several hand written notes from addicts at the show saying “please hurry and get these songs recorded” we realized that the need was great and the urgency even greater.
John and I are singer/songwriters with a passion to let the power of music help people trying to change. We’ve been wearing out our lives the last forty plus years as professional songwriters hoping to make a difference. Although we understand we’re not the only guys who have songs that could help, we want to get the ball rolling. We’ve got an entire album of songs written and ready to be recorded. 
When the album is completed we’re planning to get a website set up that we’re calling SoundTrax2Recovery where we can eventually provide a sort of “clearing house” for songs that help and inspire people trying to overcome their addictions. Doing the album is the first step in realizing our goal. 

            WHY US?

One of the reasons we are passionate about doing this project is because it’s hit very close to home. In each of our families we’ve seen the devastation that comes from addiction, in any of its forms. We’ve worked our entire professional careers in a business where all too often substance abuse, drugs and alcohol, and any other form of addiction has destroyed lives. We’re not trained therapists, we don’t have degrees in social work, but we know what we’ve seen and we want to do what we can. Writing songs aimed at penetrating hearts is something we can do. And getting these songs recorded and made available for those who need them most is more important to us than simply searching for yet another way to climb up the music charts

          WHY HURRY?

Somewhere at this very moment there’s an addict trying to hold on a few more hours until his next AA meeting, or her next appointment with a sponsor, and it feels like aneternity. If we hurry we might be able to offer a little help, even when we can’t physically be there for them. You might be thinking, “come on, it’s only a song”. But it’s more than that. If someone somewhere can hear a song tell them the truth the only way their heart will hear it, maybe then they’ll know, deep down, they’re not alone.


Michael McLean and John Batdorf

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Soundtrax2Recovery_A Project By John Batdorf and Michael McLean

Last year, some addiction recovery sponsors found out that Michael McLean and I were working on a project with the working title of 12 songs for 12 steps and asked if we’d do a concert for several recovering addicts. Turns … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you … Continue reading

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